Spaceflight Vol 47 No 08 – August 2005

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International Space News
Phoebe’s surface reveals clues to its origin, X-Prize contender dips into space, A celestial rarity, Milestones for Europe’s new launcher, Euro supports Indian launcher, China’s ambitious space plans

Satellite Digest

Europe aims to give future Mars landers higher priority
Clive Simpson

Astronauts enhance Space Station science operations
James Oberg

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Apollo 11 - flight into history
Ed Hengeveld

Armstrong - a name etched in time
Geoffrey Bowman

Voyager 1’s amazing trip to Saturn
Christopher Gainor

First light
Dwayne Day

Indian visits Salyut 7 station
Philip Corneille

Crew revive dormant Mir space station
Philip Corneille

Ariane 5 ‘cat flap’ was optical illusion, Beagle on a shoestring, Energia refines flight times, Space needs fundamental shift in thought process

Book notices
Futures, Life in the Universe, Visions of the Cosmos, Space Review Risk Analysis, Amateur Astronomy

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