Spaceflight Vol 47 No 09 – September 2005

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International Space News
SOHO searches for hundredth comet, Chinese astronauts paired up for flight, New rocket engine tested in Russia, Tourist ticket threatens Canadian flight, New vehicles to replace Space Shuttle, Intelsat’s first sea launch, Further boost for Europe’s Aurora programme, European instruments to fly on India’s Chandrayaan-1, Coldest ever object launched to space, Turkey’s space ambitions, Arabsat eyes fifth generation system

Satellite Digest

Military dilemma over laser ASATs
Dwayne A. Day

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Extended mission for MER twins

Deep Impact’s smash and grab
Clive Simpson

Space tourism
Dr Steven Fawkes

Detective work identifies rocket engine
Alan Lawrie

Will the first humans on Mars walk or run?
Adam Hawkey

Into Space
The Extraterrestrial Adaptation
Cameron McPherson & Evan Tyler Davies

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