Spaceflight Vol 48 No 01 – January 2006

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International Space News
Europe heads out to Venus, Japanese entrepreneur books ISS trip, Technical problems push ATV launch to 2007, Asteroid craft on hold, Steady future for world satellite business, First Galileo test satellite, UK urged to reconsider manned space flight, Beatle beams live music to Space Station, China’s ambitious space plans, Sea Launch delivers second Inmarsat-4, Deposits pour in to Virgin Galactic, French to test optical early warning systems, Mighty Titan bows out, Ariane lofts heavyweight duo, Russia approves future programme, NASA retires ISS projects early

Satellite Digest

The MOST for the least
Barry Shanko

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Argentina’s cosmonaut in-waiting
Thomas Gangle

First woman in space - part 1
Tony Quine

Down to Earth with a bump
Borris Spasski and Aleksandr Zheleznyakov

Letters and emails
Anecdotes from astronauts and cosmonauts, Cargo craft designation disparity, Rocket team lend signatures to cause, Japanese dreams of the future


Society News
BIS celebrates award of 2008 Congress Competition

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