Spaceflight Vol 48 No 02 – February 2006

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International Space News
European ministers approve Aurora programme, Sea Launch contracts, Virgin Galactic’s first spaceport, Iceland to benefit from EUMETSAT data, Titan resembles primitive Earth, Envisat sees smoke from Europe’s big fire, VEGA wins contract for atmospheric dynamics mission, Delay for new NOAA satellites, NASA seeks space delivery companies, Target for upping size of ISS crew, Data points to Shuttle engine link, Ozone hole slims down, Cheaper crewed lunar missions

Satellite Digest

A private trip into space
Neil Da Costa

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

A cold day at the Kennedy Space Center
Joel W. Powell

When Skylab was still a rocket
Alan Lawrie

First woman in space (part 2)
Tony Quine

Letters and emails
Understanding our gene limitations, Conference evokes the promise of space tourism, Communist influence on space flight, Voyager distances and timings, In defence of NASA’s space exploration strategy, Titan - a target for the future

Society News
Beagle 2 creator receives space achievement award, Society seeks volunteers

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