Spaceflight Vol 48 No 04 – April 2006

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International Space News
New head for BNSC, Savings on satellite insurance premiums, Pluto mission commemorates Tombaugh, Million pound upgrade for Portsmouth’s cleanroom, UK’s SciSys wins Galileo contracts, Spaceport future for Space Station, China’s new rocket engine, Evidence of water ice, Contract kicks off Soyuz operations phase in French Guiana, NASA finds limited room for manoeuvre in 2007 budget, ALOS satellite delivers first image data, Plans to develop fleet of suborbital tourism spacecraft

Satellite Digest

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Europe’s Martian dream
Stephen Ashworth

Two years of MER operations on Mars
Philip Corneille

The heat of a burning atom - part 2
Dwayne A. Day

Euroart in space
Nicholas Spall

Letters and emails
Alternative scenario for NASA vision, Redshift not for Mac, Social status in Tereshkova’s favour, Legacy of Beagle 2 project, Evolution and intelligent design, Soviet satellite identification, Opportunity to see rings in new light

Society News
BIS members support human space flight initiative

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