Spaceflight Vol 48 No 05 – May 2006

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International Space News
ISS faces logistics issues after Shuttle retirement, Ariane 5 ECA launch, Survey shows strong UK space industry, Alphabus platform move forward, Spaceport planned for Singapore, MRO’s detailed study of Mars, Options for stranded satellite, Pioneer 10 lost in deep space, Galactic shock wave, Summer launch for first MetOp, No future for Iranian satellite, Polar satellite will fly again, Trio of launches for Japan, Compensation for rocket damage, India to double number of launches

Satellite Digest

European set for first long-duration Space Station mission
Clive Simpson

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Agriculture in space
Javier Casado

Mapping the moons of Mars
Philip Corneille

Letters and emails
Developing a long term strategy, Flight surgeons’ Apollo 15 puzzle, Credit for MOST success, Astronauts and families visit Israel, Beagle 2 criticism based on ignorance, Ill-informed debate harms UK space science, Origin of first ‘dog’ crew names, Missing vision and imagination

Society News
BIS on-line update, Nominations for space awards, Obituary – Charles Sammonds, IAC 2008 logo competition

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