Spaceflight Vol 48 No 06 – June 2006

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International Space News
First images from Venus Express, Satellite data suggest large rivers under Antarctica, Scramjet test over south Australia, FUSE re-wired for extended mission, Shuttle runway opened for commercial use, Design proposals for European anti-asteroid craft, New mission to monitor ocean surfaces, Delta tanks from Italy, Efforts to put space back on Australian political agenda, NASA reviews Shuttle EVAs, Lunar pole impact mission, Pilots recruited for space tourism flights, NASA reinstates Dawn mission, Award for veteran space correspondent

Satellite Digest

The key to low-cost access to space
Stephen Asworth

Developing Europe’s space tourism industry
Damian Schogger

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

25th anniversary of first Space Shuttle
Ed Hengeveld and Clive Simpson

Lost and forgotten
Dwayne A. Day

108 minutes that changed the world
Andrei Kislyakov

Tribute to a cosmonaut
Neil Da Costa

Letters and emails
Leonov talks on space flight, Division of responsibilities, Rocket capabilities, Reducing the risks of space walks, Patching up differences, Herschel’s notes on Uranus’ rings

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