Spaceflight Vol 48 No 08 – August 2006

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International Space News
Mission will extend ISS science capability, Italian selected for Shuttle flight, Ministers weigh up Euro space policy, Russia plans Mars mission simulation, SSTL - changing the economics of space, Enthusiastic support could enhance ESA’s ExoMars mission, Space vision hits environment budget, Ariane 5 launch, Russia and Kazakhstan develop new space system, Japan gears up for ISS cargo ferry, Engine test for new European rocket

Satellite Digest

First new generation US weather satellite
Gerard van de Haar

NASA’s woman of influence
Clive Simpson

Raising the stakes
Bob Parkinson

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Lifting down from orbit
Julian A. Hiscox

India’s remote sensing programme
Shubhada Savant and Santhosh Seelan

Letters and emails
Aerospace correspondents, Cassini probe end game, Simple explanations, Don’t get left behind, Credit to researchers

Society news and announcements
Declassified reports in Soviet and Chinese symposium, Space archaeology

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