Spaceflight Vol 49 No 03 – March 2007

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International Space News
UK scientists propose low-cost lunar missions, Opportunity to influence UK space future, Concept studies for robotic missions to Mars, Edinburgh workshop, Precise work for climate mission’s ion thrusters, Launch vehicle replacements, Orbiter spies Mars Pathfinder site, Model students return to Moon, First flight of upgraded Soyuz, FAA rules on space pilot training, ESA funds UK space tourism study, Sweden inaugurates tourist spaceport, India’s PSLV launches four satellites

Satellite Digest

First images of spacecraft's test flight
Clive Simpson

Space for the mass market
Stephen Ashworth

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Addicted to space - pt I
Tony Quine

First Arab in space
Francis French

Lonely bird
Dwayne A. Day

Letters and emails
Experimenting with two stage rockets, Coping with a corpse on Mars, Intriguing but meaningless, Time for UK to reconsider, The importance of UK astronauts, Computers play a vital role, A question of exercise

The shores of Xanadu
Peter G. Goodwin

Society news
IAC 2008 website on-line, Forum to formulate UK space policy response

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