Spaceflight Vol 49 No 01 – January 2007

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International Space News
Sweden catches astronaut fever, First Yorkshireman in space, Russia to lift Glonass restrictions, India plans manned misison, Spacecraft talk the same language, UK and China forge links, Hubble on stand-by for new lease of life, Trial of UK space surveillance project, ISS tourists will have to dig deeper, New solar mission to provide 3D imagery, ESA expands scope of Mars mission, Nigeria signs up to SSTL package, Messenger completes second fly-by, Campaign for British astronauts, Shenzhou flight planned for 2008, China joins Russian Phobos project

Satellite Digest

Astronaut encourages students
Clive Simpson

Three years of MER operations
Philip Corneille

A growth-oriented UK space strategy
Stephen Ashworth

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

The view from 1966
Tom Frieling

Letters and emails
Space flight without computers, Five decades of collecting, Tally of satellites placed in orbit, First to unearth Armstrong image, Satellite Digest, Powerful signature, Future musings, Definition of a space tourist

Space Exploration 2007, V-2, The Malcolm D. Shuster Astronautics Symposium, Spacecraft technology – the early years, Return to the Moon, The last of the great observatories, Space – the fragile frontier, Astrophysics of life, Deep space probes - to the outer Solar System and beyond, Astrodynamics 2005

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