Spaceflight Vol 49 No 02 – February 2007

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International Space News
Spacecraft affected by solar storm, Global space revenues Ukraine plans new launcher, Partners wanted for lunar base, Matador in flight tests, Beneath the surface of Mars, Aircraft and satellite ‘talk’ by laser link, China launches weather satellite, SpaceShipTwo Airbus study, Cassini probe spies Titan’s ‘Everest’ range, Minotaur launch, Russia plans new ISS laboratory, Successful Ariane 5 launches

Satellite Digest

Shuttle mission re-wires Space Station
Clive Simpson, Gerard van de Haar & Rudolf van Beest

Liquid water flows on Mars
Philip Corneille

Planning for a return to the Moon
Dwayne A. Day

Tereshkova scrapbook
Peter Pesavento

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

New Soyuz launch site takes shape
Clive Simpson

Japan’s spaceport
David Parry

Letters and emails
Increasing scientific return, Satellite still awaiting launch, Pre-Gagarin cosmonauts, Keeping an open mind, Mars without computers

The growing problem of space debris
Alexander Zheleznyakov

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