Spaceflight Vol 49 No 05 – May 2007

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International Space News
Nature throws spanner in Shuttle schedule, Budget cuts erode Orion, Successful dual launch for Arianespace, MetOp’s first atmospheric measurements, Euro Russian space bond grows stronger, Iran’s rocket ambitions, Virgin Galactic plans 100 test flights, Travel insurance for space tourists, Russian cosmonaut in Manchester, Atlas lofts six satellites, Unmanned flight test in 2008, Taikonauts haves names in heavens, Satellites for north, Enhanced remote sensing capabilities

Satellite Digest

Outpost on a desolate land
Dwayne A. Day

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Space Station hardware on show
Raymon Hartopp-Sancho

Delving into Mir’s astrophysical attic
Ben Evans

The red planet comes to life
Philip Corneille

Letters and emails
Signatures of success, Israeli space conference, Sea launches off Scotland, Cost point clarification, The Scottish rocket pioneers

Contact with alien civilisations, Destination space, Beyond Earth - the future of humans in space, Praxis manned spaceflight log 1961-2006, Guidance and control, Handbook of CCD astronomy, Spaceflight mechanics

Society news
The potential for life in the Universe, Science 'dragons' to weigh Mars proposals

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