Spaceflight Vol 49 No 08 – August 2007

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International Space News
Space tourism makes waves at Paris Air Show, Plans advancing for Korean Soyuz mission, Non-polluting tourism flights into space, European Sentinel spacecraft march forward, Inmarsat to road-test telecoms platform, Emirates orders satellite system, Europe and US work on future space telescopes, Launch of German remote sensing satellite, Radarsat 2 to be operated by telesat, Huygens and Cassini data continues to illuminate Titan, Volunteers sought for Mars simulation, Launch date for Hubble servicing mission, Space junk - a growing problem

Satellite Digest

Atlantis completes spectacular mission
Clive Simpson

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Space Shuttle debut – Pt III
Ed Hengeveld

A wing and a prayer – Pt I
Dwayne A. Day

Interplanetary trailblazers
Philip Corneille

Letters and emails
Destinations come first, Scottish Sea Launch problem, Leonikha - Russia's ‘Space Arlington’

Viewpoint – Thinking the unthinkable
Mike Armitage

Society news
Soviet-Chinese Forum’s ‘silver jubilee’, EADS Astrium visit, Win tickets to weekend festival, New BIS members, Society announcements

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