Spaceflight Vol 49 No 09 – September 2007

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International Space News
Weather satellite survives debris hit, Space junk – a growing problem, Norway considers its first satellite, Brown’s new UK space minister, Asteroid mission rescheduled, UK needs more coherent space strategy, BIS endorses select committee view, Cluster satellites brought together, Old Atlas towers tumble, NASA readies Mars lander, Sea Launch targets October, Proton lofts DIRECTV craft, Malaysian on next Soyuz flight

Satellite Digest

Cool and dusty places
Philip Corneille

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Space Shuttle debut – Pt IV
Ed Hengeveld

Failures and setbacks – Pt II
Dwayne A. Day

The write stuff
Dominic Phelan

Breaking through the glass gantry
Lawrence McGlynn

Letters and emails
Chance for closer inspection, Space society’s in New Zealand, Cancelled symposium, NASA pilot in West Yorks, Plan B for return to Moon

Viewpoint – the heart of astronautics
Axel Kopsch

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