Spaceflight Vol 49 No 11 – November 2007

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International Space News
Europe attempts to stabilise Galileo programme, Google sets sights on lunar mission, Russia selects
Mars test crew, Japanese Moon craft launch, ESA’s Foton experiments, Researcher to be first Korean in space, Proton dumps Japanese comsat, Iridium reports rising traffic, India launches INSAT-4CR, NASA recruiting new astronauts, Seal replacement tightens Shuttle schedule, Launch of Brazilian EO satellite

Satellite Digest

Time for Britain to be bold again
Clive Simpson

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

The greatest of adventures
Nick Spall

Grumman’s ambitious spider
Dwayne A. Day & Glen Swanson

Space Shuttle debut - Pt V
Ed Hengeveld

Iskusstvennyy sputnik zemli – special feature on the 50th anniversary of Sputnik
Asif Siddiqi

Letters and emails
Disappointing conclusions, Name behind secret mission, Double exposure, Japanese space soap,
Interstellar symposium, Hard landing for Gemini

Society news
Inspirational talk in London by astronaut, Society’s Annual General Meeting, New Members, IAC 2008 website, Obituary – David G. Fearn

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