Spaceflight Vol 49 No 12 – December 2007

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International Space News
Harmony launch starts busy period for Europe, Commercial appeal for tourist missions, Politicians resist pressure to change UK astronaut policy, Russia anxious to maintain new rocket schedule, India’s regional navigation system, Sweden pursues ‘green’ propulsion, Kazakhstan asks for compensation, Dawn on course for asteroid survey, Ariane rocket tests space tug sequence,
Departure day formalities at Star City, Russia to support Venus mission, Kibo offer to private sector

Satellite Digest

Invisible cosmology
Philip Corneille

Space and the evolving universe
David R Parkinson & Bob Parkinson

NASA’s first ‘all up’ test flight
Ed Hengeveld

Problems on the way to the Moon
Alan Lawrie

Origins of ISS computer crisis
James Oberg

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Letters and emails
Astronaut screening, Astronautical hygiene group, The Gemini paraglider, The case for manned spaceflight, UK falling behind, Birth of space law, Unsung veteran of missile age

Book reviews
Lunar and planetary rovers, Space as a strategic asset, Spaceflight - the complete story, Planetary landers and entry probes, Project Gemini pocket guide, Project Mercury pocket guide, History of the Kennedy Space Center, Planet formation, The celestial sphere, Herschel 400 observing guide, Atlas of galaxies

Society news
India passes IAC 2008 baton to BIS, New members

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