Spaceflight Vol 50 No 01 – January 2008

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International Space News
Spacewalks clear way for Columbus, Australia’s plan for Sundiver spacecraft, Astronaut forfeits Shuttle mission, Ariane lofts UK’s new military satellite, Orion crew launch slips, SSTL promotes ‘early’ Galileo system, Contract launches five year Alphasat development, UK dips toe in launcher business, Spectacular Delta IV Heavy launch, Gathering reflections from the waves, Satellites help rain forest, Rosetta’s Earth view

Satellite Digest

New ISS robot offers service with a twist
Joel Powell

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Four years of MER operations on Mars
Philip Corneille

“Crazy, sexy and cool”
Tony Quine

Letters and emails
Peril of ignoring commercial potential, Balanced perspective, Space is eclipsed by sport, sex and alcohol, Idenity of photo object, Significance of scientific return, Legacy of ISS computer crisis, The importance of winning the public, Association of Space Explorers, Moonwalker draws huge audience

Space Exploration 2008, Volcanism on Io, A walk through the southern sky, The Lunar Exploration Scrapbook, Planets and Life, The Geology of Mars, Final Countdown, Astronautics

Jason Damisch

Society news
Happy 90th Birthday to Sir Arthur C. Clarke

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