Spaceflight Vol 50 No 02 – February 2008

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International Space News
Griffin urges UK to join human spaceflight, Delay to new British space strategy, NASA may extend life of Atlantis, Rocket science competition for schools, New manned spacecraft, NASA sends craft on mission to Comet Hartley 2, Spy satellite diplomacy, Lunar ambitions of Far East eclipse West, Virgin Galactic’s timetable for progress, New Russian multi-functional platform, Soyuz launches new Canadian EO spacecraft

Satellite Digest

British proposal for ISS module
Mark Hempsell

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Lucien Rudaux Memorial Award
David A. Hardy

Red dragon rising
Robert Coppinger

Bizarre test of first Saturn V
Alan Lawrie & Robert Pearlman

Uchinoura - Japan’s space science centre
David Parry

Letters and emails
Lunar Module pilot spills the beans, Deciphering DVD technology, Holiday to recommend, Inflatable structures, Memorial to David Fearn

Viewpoint - Virus, Volkov and Vandenberg
Dwayne A. Day

Society news
Variety of talks at Symposium, UK Space Activities 2007, Announcements

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