Spaceflight Vol 50 No 03 – March 2008

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International Space News
UK to play major part in Mercury mission, Messenger’s first Mercury flyby, Russia targets 2015 for new spacecraft, Orbiting camera details dramatic wind action on Mars, Virgin Galactic unveils new designs, Antarctic ice loss raises sea level questions, Detecting energy bursts on Venus, China plans busy year of launches, UK space minister visits EUMETSAT and ESOC, Odin satellite operations extended, Test run for Mars habitat, PSLV launches Israeli satellite, Space Shuttle to resume ISS missions, Ready to follow in father’s footsteps, Launch plan set for Europe’s space tug

Satellite Digest

COROT sheds new light on exo-planets
Philip Corneille

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

New lunar exploration
Donald A. Beattie

Rocket fuel
Alan Lawrie

Letters and emails
Early Russian space news, The universe is no machine, British proposal for ISS module, BIS should play leadership role, French role in India, Source of early space quotation, Visiting the Smithsonian, Driving force

Viewpoint - Dawn sails towards infant worlds
Ken Kremer

Society news
Forum for the space generation, Sir Arthur C. Clarke, New BIS members, Eric Wayne obituary, Announcements

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