Spaceflight Vol 50 No 04 – April 2008

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International Space News
US blast at rogue satellite is chance too good to miss, Commercial future of ISS transport, Microgravity flights launch from Esrange, Persistence pays for Swedish supplier, Progress tanker tether test, Stellar winds on cosmic doorstep, UK pursues joint lunar mission with US, Glonass satellite out of action, Atlas plan to launch inflatables, Sun mission succumbs to extreme cold, Plans for commercial launch complex at KSC, Take your classroom into space, Celebrating Yuri’s night

Satellite Digest

Astronauts and inspiration - or lost in space?
Clive Simpson

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Munich calling Alpha
Gerard van de Haar

Columbus ushers in a new space era
Clive Simpson & Gerard van de Haar

Faster than light
Kelvin Long

Warp drive
Kelvin Long

Creating the ‘warp’ in warp drives
Richard Obousy

Letters and emails
Another way for UK to access space, Little cause for hope, UK human spaceflight, Timing issue, Worldwide impact, Unmanned ISS supply vehicle, Illuminating space history, Interstellar exploration, Return to Baikonur


Society news
UK Space Conference 2008, BIS at Astrofest, Mars symposium, New steps for space infrastructure, New BIS members

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