Spaceflight Vol 50 No 08 – August 2008

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International Space News
First private mission to Space Station, Russians book tickets for suborbital trip, Japanese crew for ISS, Jason 2 successfully launched, NASA global warming data marginalised, Launch completes UK military system, Date set for GOCE flight, MoonMars Workshop, First test of penetrator for Moon mission, ESA awards contract for EO satellite, OU work on ExoMars instruments, Wallops set for Taurus launch

GLAST - gamma-rays
Philip Corneille

Satellite Digest

Shuttle brings Hope to ISS
Gerard van de Haar & Rudolf van Beest

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Mirrors and microwaves
David Criswell and Phillip Harris

New view of magnetosphere
Joel Powell

Fire and grace
Dwayne Day

Letters and emails
Daedalus spaceship, A question of size, Star and planet gazing, New Mexico space museum, Australian space industry, Heavylift is best option, Astronauts in Iapetus, Striking similarities, Team 28 - space in the year 2033

IAC 2008
BIS members’ day at space congress, Host Nation Welcome Zone

Society news
Voyage - inspiring young readers, Russia, China North Korea and Iran - the plot thickens , New Society members

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