Spaceflight Vol 51 No 02 – February 2009

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International Space News
NASA delays launch of MSL to 2011, US and Europe to join forces on future missions, Apollo 7 medals award, MoonLITE mission gets green light for next step, Demand hots up for DragonLab, UK human spaceflight review, Australia takes first step towards new space agency, Space Station crew assignments, Poland to join EUMETSAT, Canada’s visitor from outer space

Satellite Digest

Mission doubles up crew capacity
Gerard van de Haar

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Five years of MER on the red planet
Philip Corneille

The first woman in Earth orbit – Pt 2
Asif Siddiq

From Project Gemini to the final frontier
Dwayne A. Day

Letters and emails
Longitude issues for early Apollo, Spaceplanes for humans, Fred Haise visit to Pontefract, Survey of space expectations, Le Bourget space display, NASA may regret Shuttle decision

Society news
Status report by Society President, Chinese/Soviet Symposium, New President-elect, Presentation from the Paisley Rocketeers, UKSEDS – successful conference, New BIS members

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