Spaceflight Vol 51 No 03 – March 2009

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International Space News
Hubble repair mission planned for mid-May, BIS launches urgent appeal for donations, Flacon 9 on Cape Canaveral launch pad, BNSC’s space exploration review consultations, Moon mapping mission glimpses first x-ray, India to study deep space, Japanese satellite to gather climate data, British company’s free satellite imaging initiative, Positive signals for Galileo, Teams line up for N-prize challenge, ISS tourist flights to be curtailed, Maiden flight of Soyuz from Kourou

Satellite Digest

Delta IV Heavy launched for third time
Gerard van de Haar

Chariots for Altair
Dwayne A. Day

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Unique perspective on ferry flight
Joel Powell

Going zero-g
Nick Spall

Blue collar art
Dwayne A. Day

Viewpoint - Apollo 7
Mark Shanahan

Letters and emails
Russian shuttle on show in Germany, Baikonur tells its own story, Ares booster is complicated option, The dream of exploration, Signatures of the famous, 50th anniversary of Vanguard 1, Russia plans tourist craft

Society news
Donation appeal, BIS meets with Chinese, UKSEDS, New BIS members, Can space save the planet?

Many ways to Mars - symposium report
Stephen Ashworth

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