Spaceflight Vol 51 No 05 – May 2009

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International Space News
Space Station ready for six person crew, ESA launches Earth explorer, British company tests eco-friendly rocket engine, Mosquito survives extremes of outer space, Did Phoenix spot liquid water on Mars? India moves to self-sufficiency, Software updates delay launch, Female taikonaut may fly in 2011, Landsat 5 still orbiting at 25, EarthCARE imager to be built in UK

Satellite Digest

Mission to find Earth-size exo-planets
Philip Corneille

Space Station Chronology & STS-119 report
Neville Kidger

Getting ready for lunar science
Donald F. Robertson

The challenge of Apollo 9
Rusty Schweickart and Alan Marlow

The other A in NASA
Dwayne A. Day

Letters and emails
Ships bearing astronaut names, Tereshkova photographs, Expanding universe, Bolden at Bradford, MoonLITE follows ALSEP top Moon, British genius, To reinvent or not to reinvent, Appreciation of mysticism, Buran at Baikonur, Canadian leg of Buran journey, Irrational criticism, Shuttle in lunar orbit

Society news
Last of the working Peenemünders, BIS appeal status - President’s letter, UKSEDS, New BIS members and Fellows

Book reviews

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