Spaceflight Vol 51 No 06 – June 2009

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International Space News
US company pursues power dream, Satellite confidentiality, Mars mission test simulation, Wilkins ice shelf begins breakup, Nigerian engineers map African resources, India’s PSLV lofts radar satellite, Mars science laboratory, Small profit for Arianespace, Longer wait for tourists, Tests underway on Japanese rocket

Satellite Digest

The madness of men in space
Michael Hanlon

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Space Elevators - a key future technology
Cathy Swan & Peter Swan

Space for the tourist - NASM
Mark Williamson

Birds on a wire
Dwayne A. Day

Letters and emails
China’s commercial lesson to NASA, Fun-raising art auction, Long overdue technology support, Continuity in affairs, Paisley rocketeers, Rocketing racketeers, NASA emblem question, Women fair better in space

Can space save the planet?
Stephen Ashworth

Society news
BIS scoops outreach award, Society book nominated for award, New BIS members

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