Spaceflight Vol 51 No 08 – August 2009

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International Space News
US takes first steps back to Moon, Europe and US to develop commercial freighter, Scientist dies in balloon tragedy, Human spaceflight in the political crosshairs, Mars mission loses instrument, Call for UK microgravity experiments, Korean satellite, Mars lab ‘Curiosity’, Dubai to build own satellites, UK minister visits Reaction Engines, ESA pursues high thrust demonstrator, Brazil launch, Digital Soyuz

Satellite Digest

Chinese women set to make their mark
Tony Quine

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Space for the tourist - Florida space coast
Mark Williamson

Hubble’s final refit in orbit
Andrew Green, Joel Powell & Ken Kremer

The greatest space voyage
Philip Corneille

Space environment management
Rushi Ghadawala

Letters and emails
Dark energy atomic emission theory, Ironic timing, Popularity contest, The minds of Homo Sapiens, Back to the dark ages, Privilege to witness launch, Comparable intelligence, Scientific clarification, Bolden’s Hubble launch role

Society news
Students to make headlines in space, Society’s successful international space symposium, New members

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