Spaceflight Vol 51 No 11 – November 2009

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International Space News
European satellite begins its gravity quest, Countdown to Ares test launch, Excalibur Almaz puts spacecraft on public show, Skylon spaceplane could fly in less than a decade, New ISS crewmembers, Veteran crew to fly final Space Shuttle, ESA seeks to use ISS for climate studies, Planck’s first all-sky survey underway, Chinese spaceport, New Japanese astronaut, South Korea pledges money for space

Satellite Digest

Celebrating Hipparcos
Philip Corneille

Space Station Chronology & STS-128 report
Neville Kidger

A half century of lunar exploration
Joel Powell

Corona mission declassified
Martin Fowler

Atop the highest mast
Dwayne Day

Letters and emails
Testing dark energy theory, Shuttle sighting, Mystery Space Station craft, Comet alert, New British space age

LRO and LCROSS put US on lunar trajectory
Ken Kremer

Society news
Sale of books, Annual General Meeting, Spaceflight bookstall sales, New members

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