Spaceflight Vol 51 No 12 – December 2009

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International Space News
Ares I-X test flight an engineer’s dream, Space-X ready for Falcon 9 test flight, LCROSSW impacts the Moon, Russia’s new launch centre, South Korea plays host to annual space congress, Last call home for Rosetta

The MELiSSA Pilot Plant
Chris Savage

Project Icarus — son of Daedalus
Stephen Ashworth

Space Station Chronology
Neville Kidger

Discovering exo-planets
Philip Corneille

Atop the highest mast — part 2
Dwayne Day

Letters and emails
Space Shuttle disappointment, Space meetings in Germany, Progress craft flew with ISS, The case for Mars, Bookstall rationale, Excalibur Almaz on Isle of Man

The search for exo-earths
Philip Corneille

Society news
French ‘Love of space’ exhibition, Spaceflight price increase, New members, Derrick Gould obituary, Daejeon IAC

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