Spaceflight Vol 52 No 03 – March 2010

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International Space News
Europe seeks commitment on Space Station future, Mission to test concept of harvesting solar power, World still vulnerable to asteroids, Countdown in Kourou for Soyuz, Crewed mission to near Earth object, Milestone for Galileo system, Rocket science in the classroom, British ESA astronaut in training, Finalists for new planetary missions, Russia to develop nuclear spacecraft, British election will set policy course, Higher rate of pay for ISS cosmonauts

Satellite digest

New tower takes shape at KSC
Ken Kremer

ISS Chronicle
Martin Dawson & Clive Simpson

Space communications down-under
Des McNicholas

Black antennas
Dwayne Day

The origins of space law
Cyril Horsford

Letters and emails
Evidence for life, Answering the big questions, Lunar dust, Space tourism and hypertension, Desperate for change, Gene therapy, Shuttle damage, Time for BIS image makeover

Can space save the planet?
John Coppinger

Society news
Lecture celebrates Titan landing, Space telescope student fellowships, Competition winners, Space Station correspondent, New members

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