Spaceflight Vol 52 No 04 – April 2010

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International Space News
Britain targets 10 percent of global space market, ESA considers three new missions, SSTL restructures for growth, VEGA supports global amateur network, New Russian spacecraft, India plans manned mission, Unique set of aurorae images from Saturn, First Vega flight, Engine firing delays arrival, SpaceX awaits clearance to launch Falcon 9

Satellite Digest

Goodbye Moon!
Bob April

A new eye on the Sun
Philip Corneille, Clive Simpson and Ken Kremer

New window on the world
Ken Kremer, Clive Simpson and Gerald van de Haar

Chronology of the Space Station
Clive Simpson

ELVIS has left the launch pad
Joel Powel

Letters and emails
Ideas for BIS future, BIS should welcome new Obama policy, Commercialisation questions, Astronaut celebrates Isle of Man link

Society news
Astronauts at UK spring conference, Space Station correspondent, Universe Season 3 competition, New members

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