Spaceflight Vol 52 No 05 – May 2010

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International Space News
Liftoff for new British space agency, China selects new taikonauts group, Space Station heads of agencies, Falcon 9 engines come to life, Countdown for second Shuttle mission of year, Mars Express captures new Phobos images, Europe’s Meteosat gets image makeover, Third Jason for France

Satellite Digest

Simulated journey to the red planet
Gerard van de Haar and Clive Simpson

Space biomedicine — a UK perspective
Nick Spall

Orion could be ready by 2013
Ken Kremer

Flawed logic of US Space Shuttle
Michael Sanibel

International Space Station Chronology
George Spiteri

Lunar destiny
Rich Mulheirn

A paler shade of black
Dwayne Day

Letters and emails
Manned mission to near-Earth asteroids, Seeking life in the universe, Constellation not efficient, Tribute to Neville Kidger, BIS image makeover, Blessed adventurer, Humanity’s wake up call, NASA day of remembrance

Viewpoint — losing the will to explore
Walter Cunningham

Society news
Strathclyde space researchers sweep board, Satellite Digest, New members

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