Spaceflight Vol 52 No 09 – September 2010

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International Space News
Boom time for UK space business, Britain to consider EO satellite system, Russian company leaves Harwell, Mercury missions, China’s new Long March booster, Boeing and Bigelow work on future space station plans, Russia’s Soyuz replacement, Britain launches cubesat initiative, UK teachers graduate from NASA school, Portsmouth plays host to Shuttle crew, Planck’s microwave view of the sky

Satellite Digest
Geoff Richards

Rosetta’s flyby of Lutetia
Philip Corneille

Test capsule is joined up
Ken Kremer

International Space Station Chronology
George Spiteri

Tribute graces Launch Control Center
Ken Kremer

Identifying Saturn F-1 engines – Part 2
Alan Lawrie

Pad Leader and American space legend
Roger Guillemette

Letters and emails
Enthusiastic welcome, Invisible dark matter, Tributes to Rex Hall, A spacesuit for Titan, Giant leap backwards, Kettering pioneers, New launch platform

Last chance to view a Shuttle launch
Donald Robertson

Society news
Celebrating 50 years of human spaceflight, Memories of Sir Arthur, New members, Updating email addresses, Change of BIS bank account, Membership special offer

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