Spaceflight Vol 52 No 12 – December 2010

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International Space News
Europe to decide on future ATV direction, India pushes human spaceflight programme, US military plans reusable rocket test, Europe evaluates future launcher plans, Discovery carries ‘bonus’ room on final flight, Free-flight glide test for SpaceShipTwo, Russian wins ticket for sub-orbit jaunt, European science satellites, Soyuz damaged in transit

Satellite Digest
Geoff Richards

Short life on hellish planet
Bob April

End of road for giant fuel tank
Ken Kremer

Kennedy landscape to change forever
Ken Kremer

Space Shuttle artwork legacy
Ken Kremer

International Space Station Chronology
George Spiteri

Cosmonauts commemorated
Grujica Ivanovich

Letters and emails
Astronaut hotels, Gerald Groves, Futile views, Prehistoric ignorance, Truth in fine article, Mongolian cosmonaut, A plan for the next 50 years

Book reviews

Society news
Beagle booking signing at BIS, Tour of Rolls Royce in Derby, Space legends gather in London, Competition winners, New members

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