Spaceflight Vol 53 No 01 – January 2011

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International Space News
Identity of female taikonaut confirmed, JAXA names next HTV, UK space shows healthy growth, Work begins on Russian base, UKSA starts CubeSat pilot, Asteroid particles, New generation of European Meteosats, Eutelsat abandons new spacecraft, SSTL satellite repositioned to minimise debris threat, Leak impacts Space Shuttle schedule

Satellite Digest
Geoff Richards

International Space Station Chronology
George Spiteri

Five year focus on planets and moons
Robert April

Comet-chaser’s latest rendezvous
Philip Corneille

Spacecraft’s moment of ‘pure’ exploration
Ken Kremer

Splish, splash, roar!
Dwayne Day

The enigmatic Mace hardsite
Joel Powell

Letters and emails
UK needs space passion, Improbability of life, Dear Arthur..., Brunel of Space Age, Makeover not ‘rocket science’, Rights of BIS members, Membership ‘apartheid’, Fully reusable spacecraft

From test pilot to first lunar geologist
Shane Hannon

Book reviews

Society news
Project Icarus – latest team news, The Planets – An HD Odyssey, BIS works on a new future, New members

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