Spaceflight Vol 53 No 03 – March 2011

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International Space News
Romantic date with Comet Tempel 1 for Stardust NExT, Chinese space drama mixes fact and fiction, MESSENGER prepares to orbit Mercury, New Leicester research facility, Landing by laser light (and Air-Crane), Last minute crew changes, Environmental monitoring payload, Second flight for ESA cargo craft, Modules arrive in Isle of Man, Space Station to get more tourists, Navigation system needs more euros

Satellite Digest
Geoff Richards

International Space Station Chronology
George Spiteri

Record-breaking Martian Odyssey
Ken Kremer

Setting sail to the stars
Philip Corneille

Illness in orbit
Bark Hendrickx

Letters and emails
ESA Mars lander lacks science, Spaceplane a perfect Shuttle replacement, AFBIS grade, Contrasting worldview, BIS Associate Fellow grade, One-sided discussion, BIS works on new future, Equal voting rights for all, Future shape and organisation of BIS, Towards a more friendly Society, Necessity for change of heart, A day to remember

Training as Soyuz backup cosmonaut
Neil Da Costa

Book reviews

Society news
Astronomer Royal gives talk at the BIS, Spaceguard Centre, BIS Library, New members

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