Spaceflight Vol 53 No 07 – July 2011

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International Space News
Endeavour launch, Atlantis photo-call, NASA’s next Discovery class mission, ‘Black box’ recorder survives Kounotori reentry, NASA celebrates with new space stamps, Space in the shadow of the Rockies, Skylon spaceplane passes technical review, Atlas launches new missile warning surveillance satellite

Satellite Digest
Geoff Richards

Heavenly bodies
Kira Bacal and Kieran Smart

International Space Station Chronology
George Spiteri

Lockheed pursues Orion potential
Ken Kremer

Chelomey and Korolev – cooperation and competition
Vladimir Polyachenko

Book reviews

Letters and emails
Finding way out of financial crisis, Human visit to Halley’s Comet, Selection of Yuri Gagarin, Access to BIS meetings, Apollo 12 commander, Space Shuttle retirement

Mark Stewart

Society news
Discussion of future of BIS, Play celebrates ‘Chief Designer’, New BIS members, New BIS Fellows, Competition Winners

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