Spaceflight Vol 53 No 10 – October 2011

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International Space News
Dragon gets go ahead for Space Station berthing, Military spaceplanes under test, SSTL commissions Nigerian satellites, GRAIL duo all set for lunar gravity expedition, China ready to start space station, Briton to become Virgin Galactic’s chief astronaut, New head attempts to re-shape Roscosmos organisation, Solar shift could bring more storms, Launch preps for third ATV, Progress loss impacts ISS operations

Satellite Digest
Geoff Richards

Five year trek to giant planet
Ken Kremer

Observatory’s rocky road
Philip Corneille

NASA flies Shuttle for the final time
Clive Simpson, Ken Kremer and Gerard van de Haar

International Space Station Chronology
George Spiteri

Radio hams tune in to space airwaves
John Heath

Silenced thunder
Dwayne Day

Letters and emails
World’s first rocket patch, Half-hearted compromise, Embracing science fiction, Proud of our endeavours, Film poster

Dream makers of the future
Kelvin Long

Society news
Patrick’s picnic proves big success, Prize for survey views, Spaceflight’s new golden age, New BIS members

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