Spaceflight Vol 53 No 11 – November 2011

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International Space News
US forges ahead with new super rocket, Six million mile view from Jupiter-bound Juno, Critical year ahead for ESA and EU space affairs , First space bound Orion crew cabin, Microgravity research debated by UK MPs, Gagarin show in Scotland, Peek inside Apollo 10 command module, Dutch astronaut to embark on ISS mission, Secret programmes declassified, Starchaser sets test launch date

Satellite Digest
Geoff Richards

Journey to the centre of the Moon
Ken Kremer

International Space Station Chronology
George Spiteri

Brave new future worlds
Kelvin Long, Pat Galea and Adrian Mann

First craft orbits Mars
Philip Corneille

Russia weighs lunar options
Dwayne Day

Book reviews

Letters and emails
Eye-witness to Shuttle history, Monitoring the Northwest Passage, Contacting Prospero, BIS lectures on YouTube, Playalinda beach view, Astronaut’s best wishes, Life of Apollo mission controller, BIS facade sponsorship

Heavy lift is part of balanced system
Mike Armitage

Society news
Vision of new BIS Council member, Society’s Annual General meeting, Oral history of science, Volunteers needed, New BIS members

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