Spaceflight Vol 54 No 07 – July 2012

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Designing Against Disaster
Ex-Apollo engineer and former ESA-ESTEC safety manager Keith M Wright FBIS, MIAA, looks at challenges facing engineers designing the next generation of spacecraft.

SLS progress Report No 1: Milestone Review
Progress is being made with NASA’s super-booster, the Space Launch System as a combined requirements and definition review gives the green light.

The Mighty Atlas Part 5: New Stages for Space
When the Atlas rocket began a military career as the first US ICBM, Air Force aspirations for command of a military space programme gave NASA the tools it needs for a launch system.

Ship Firings off Cape Canaveral Part 2: Poseidon tests
Joel W Powell completes his history of the Observation Island with a description of the brief role it played in testing America’s second-generation SLBM, Poseidon.

Tereshkova’s Secret Sisters Part 2: The Final Quest
Space sleuth Tony Quine brings us up to date with the latest information on the unsuccessful contenders for the job of being the first woman in space.

Enterprise arrives in New York
Ken Kremer was there, with camera at the ready, when the first flight-worthy Shuttle, OV-101 Enterprise, arrived over New York, where it will spend the rest of its life as a museum exhibit.

Regular Features

Britain in Space – Skylon on show – UK collaborates with Japan – Solar satellite for UK.

World News Analysis – Research Council warns of Earth science shortfall.

International News – Advanced US Air Force comsat launched – CarbonSat go-ahead.

In brief – news shorts from around the world

A View from the Hill – political space news hot from Washington DC

Satellite Digest – 474 April 2012

ISS Operations Summary – 15 March to 15 April 2012

Book Reviews – Deep Space Propulsion; Grappling with Gravity; At Home in Space


Society News – SEDS Conference in Kent - Starship launches on the back of a BIS initiative

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