Spaceflight Vol 54 No 08 – August 2012

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Dragon Opens New Space Era
Ken Kremer witnessed the exciting launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 with its Dragon logistics capsule and reviews the mission and its importance as a milestone in space operations.

Last Look from a Live Shuttle
Invited on to the flight deck of the Shuttle Endeavour, Ken Kremer took a last look at the powered displays and recorded the event for Spaceflight.

Curiosity closes on Mars
NASA’s flagship Mars mission to the floor of Gale crater is only weeks away from arriving at Mars. We look at what it takes to put it down safely.

Asteroid BEES
Alison Graham takes time out from research for her PhD to tell us about her groundbreaking work on a method of deflecting Earth-threatening asteroids

The Mighty Atlas Part Six: A Cold Start
While Atlas was lifting payloads to space courtesy of Air Force upper stages, NASA was developing a cryogenic stage to give it interplanetary potential – but not everyone wanted it built.

The Origins of the BIS in Manchester and Liverpool
Gurbir Singh tells the fascinating story of how the BIS was founded in Liverpool, while celebrating the origins of the Manchester Interplanetary Society.

Regular Features

Britain in Space – A new boost for space entrepreneurs – UKube-1 clears milestone – Moon rocks for all!

World News Analysis – The next logical step – Wings for space now a routine – SpaceX to transform the market?

International News – Life after the Space Station

In brief – news shorts from around the world

A View from the Hill – political space news hot from Washington DC

Satellite Digest – 475 May 2012

ISS Operations Summary – 15 May to 15 June 2012


Society News – The Northern Meeting

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