Spaceflight Vol 54 No 11 – November 2012

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Curiosity Gets Rolling
Six weeks on in the mission of Mars Science Laboratory, the Curiosity rover is moving across the surface of Gale Crater at the start of an epic geological tour at the foothills of Mount Sharp.

A Russian Adventure – Star City
Tony Quine took a tour of Star City outside Moscow and stopped to look at the space exhibits in Russia’s capital, returning with advice and recommendations for the intrepid traveller.

On Becoming a Scientist Astronaut -1 Familiarization
In the first of a two-part series, Nick Spall relates first-hand experience at beginning his space flight training course at the NASTAR Center in Philadelphia.

Diamonds in the Sky
With space tourism promising to take people on the ultimate adventure trip to the edge of space and entrepreneurial endeavours to carry fee-paying passengers on the journey of a lifetime, we look at one organization literally promising the Moon!

Is NASA on the Edge of Going Bust?
Science writer Steven Cutts looks at the changing face of space exploration and suggests that a culture of caution and a societal preoccupation with conspicuous indulgence has stunted the national self-denial that once fuelled great space adventures.

Regular Features

Britain in Space – Carbon footprint index – Sir Martin Sweeting honoured – Designer trip to Houston – GAIA gets cold test

World News Analysis – International Eye on the Sky – MAVEN passes hurdle – Mirrors for Webb telescope shipped

International News – The last farewell

In brief – news shorts from around the world

A View from the Hill – Challenges to reliance on ‘commercial’ programmes

Satellite Digest – 478 August 2012

ISS Operations Summary – 15 August to 14 September 2012

Society News – BIS inducts new President – An address by the retiring President – New BIS President addresses AGM – From Imagination to Reality: a special BIS day

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