Spaceflight Vol 54 No 06 – June 2012

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The Global Comsat – Part 3 Intelsat IVA
Dwayne A Day carries the story of the spinners to a conclusion with coverage of the Intelsat IVA series satellites by looking at their pedigree and the legacy they left.

Tereshkova’s Secret Sisters
Tony Quine has made a detailed study of the female cosmonauts selected for training alongside Valentina Tereshkova and begins a two-part description of who they were.

Orion’s Belt
NASA’s plan for introduction of the Space Launch System is a key to getting the deep-space exploration mission underway despite an uncertain destination. We examine the first two test flights.

The Mighty Atlas Part 4 Atlas in Orbit
Use of the Atlas to press home a propaganda coup made possible by the availability of America’s first big rocket saw an orbiting Atlas send a Christmas message from President Eisenhower in 1958.

Ship Firings off Cape Canaveral
Joel W Powell has dug up the history of the USS Observation Island and traced its history as an important adjunct to Polaris missile test operations off Cape Canaveral beginning in the summer of 1959.

ISS Servicing Demo a Success
Ken Kremer has been keeping an eye on the latest robotic device aboard the ISS, one designed to test servicing and refuelling operations, and describes a hands-on inspection at the Kennedy Space Center.

Regular Features

Britain in Space – A UK competition to find the next generation of innovative applications for navigation satellites was launched in early April. We look at what is on offer.

World News Analysis – Is space commercialization a myth?

International News – Discovery touches down at Dulles

In brief – News shorts from around the world

A View from the Hill – political space news hot from Washington DC

Satellite Digest – 473 March 2012

ISS Operations Summary – 16 March to 15 April 2012

Book Reviews – 18 Questions about life and the Universe; Jane’s Strategic Weapon Systems; Hitler’s Rocket Soldiers; Planetary Surface Processes; Space Exploration and Humanity – A Historical Encyclopedia; James Van Allen – The first Eight Billion Miles.


Society News – BIS Vision Statement; BIS Survey Results; Marcus Allen faces Jerry Stone; Wings into Space; The Huish College Award; Sir Raymond Lygo obituary; Apollo Symposium.

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