Spaceflight Vol 55 No 09 – September 2013

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A conversation with Al Worden – 2
Chris Starr concludes his interview with Apollo 15 astronaut Al Worden with a discussion about his mission, what his thoughts were manning the Command Module and what the flight meant to him, as an astronaut and as a human being.

Burn like Thunder!
Dwayne Day looks at the possible re-development of the F-1 of Saturn V fame and reviews its potential as a main-stage hydrocarbon engine for the Space Launch System as well as being a contender for the advanced boosters which will be necessary for the Block 2 variant.

Opportunity update
JPL’s oldest working rover on Mars is on a fast sprint to the hills again, finding a slope to see it through winter. We take a look at this little pioneer, now heading toward 10 years on the surface of Meridiani Planum.

Curiosity roundup
The Curiosity rover is laying tracks for Mount Sharp as it packs up and rolls on toward its primary objective. Sidetracked by fascinating rocks and features to image and sample, Curiosity is gathering data that will help inform the science teams planning its successor for launch in 2012.

On the trail of Earth’s twin
Philip Corneille provides an update on Kepler’s results and while the telescope is itself unable to operate at present, exciting data are coupled with a review of the findings at Kepler 69 and the ‘blue’ giant discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope.

The future of space flight: The case for Growth
In the first of an occasional series, Stephen Ashworth argues the case for a growth in our ambitions and in the type of development envisaged for future generations beyond the Earth.

Regular Features

REL gets boost for SABRE

World News Analysis – Franco-German conflict over Ariane 6

In brief – news shorts from around the world

US Space Politics – Does the Emperor really have any clothes?

Satellite Digest – 488 June 2013

ISS Operations Summary – 16 June to 15 July 2013

Off the Shelf

Inbox – The pain of conversion – Of what use is the ISS?

Society News – The Arthurs – Remembering Andy Salmon – An Appeal from the North

Diary Notices

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