Spaceflight Vol 55 No 01 – January 2013

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Smaller is better
Joel Powell takes a look at a growing family of small experiment containers for flight aboard human space vehicles, including the ISS, and at a range of small satellites that could be just the thing to fly low-cost experiments.

Apollo 17
In what many regard as one of the finest missions of lunar exploration in the history of
the Apollo programme, Apollo 17 brought back to Earth a rich harvest of geological treasures. On the 40th anniversary of that flight we reflect upon the returns from Apollo.

Sampling the Moon
Philip Corneille reviews the history of lunar sample collecting and describes how they were used by scientists around the world, reflecting on the fate of the Russian samples too.

Spacefest 2012
Ken MacTaggart reports on a gathering of Apollo Moon explorers in the US and Rick Mulheirn brings news of a memorable visit by Apollo 16’s Charlie Duke to Pontefract, Yorks.

Apollo 11: Eyewitness to History
David Chudwin was a 19-year old sophomore when he got the chance of a lifetime to report on the flight of Apollo 11 from the Kennedy Space Center and shares that experience through 43 years of hindsight.

The dawn of Planetary Science
The Editor reflects on the first successful interplanetary mission, the flight of NASA’s Mariner 2 spacecraft that passed Venus on 14 December and changed our view of that world forever.

Space Generation Congress
As a member of the delegation, Ryan Laird reports from the Space Generation Congress in Naples during late September, replete with space specialists from around the world.

Regular Features

Britain in Space – UK space industry given funding boost – RapidEye ground segment upgrades – Bids in now please, for Mars!

World News Analysis – iGeolise win national competition

International News – An Ill Wind for Enterprise

In brief – news shorts from around the world

A View from the Hill – A change at the top – NASA gets rolling - Bolden makes waves

Satellite Digest – 480 October 2012

ISS Operations Summary – 16 October to 15 November 2012

Off the Shelf – The Universe Collection – Lichtmond 2: Universe of Light – Observing the solar system – the Story of Astronomy – IMAX films at the Science Museum and a COMPETITION!

Society News – the President’s Annual Report - the Sir Arthur Clarke Awards 2012 – A little fundraiser

Diary Notices

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