Spaceflight Vol 55 No 02 – February 2013

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Opening the final frontier
Stephen Ashworth opens our look at space tourism and commercial space opportunities for existing organizations, new-start companies and entrepreneurs with a preview of existing and emerging activities.

Dream Chaser
Gerard van de Haar and Rudolf van Beest take a look at the space-plane being developed by Sierra Nevada Corp from old NASA and Soviet designs the company hopes will return wings to the International Space Station.

Flying the Lynx
Following his report on what it’s like to fly aboard a ballistic suborbital space-plane, Nick Spall talks to XCOR CEO Andrew Nelson about the company’s plans to get the Lynx up and running.

Astrometry in orbit: Gaia
Philip Corneille tells the story of the Gaia telescope, a major European project for astrometry, the precise measurement of stars, and provides a review of precursor missions that make Gaia possible.

Patrick Moore – an obituary
Spaceflight Editor David Baker observes the life of Sir Patrick Moore, astronomer and mapmaker and remarks on his contributions to the NASA Apollo Moon programme and the value of, so-called, ‘amateur astronomy’.

Asteroid miners hunt for platinum...
In a somewhat cynical observation on lavish claims for mining valuable minerals in the asteroid belt, Tim Worstall reflects on the hype and finds it lacking in common sense and a basic understanding of macro-economics.

Regular Features

Britain in Space – £1.2 billion to invest in lucrative ESA projects

World News Analysis – Musk aims for Mars: eventually – Laying the ‘Golden Spike’

International News – Orion advancing toward 2014 liftoff

In brief – news shorts from around the world

A View from the Hill – Obama’s Christmas present to NASA

Satellite Digest – 481 November 2012

ISS Operations Summary – 16 November to 14 December 2012

Off the Shelf - The Red Rocket’s Glare - Into the Cosmos - A little gift with a big symbolism - A4/V2 Rocket DVD-R; Operation Backfire The V-2 Rocket; V-2 Rocket White Sands/Post-War

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