Spaceflight Vol 55 No 03 – March 2013

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Is there an Earth analogue?
Philip Corneille reviews the search for other worlds in space and asks if there is an Earth-like world out there amid the billions of planets likely to populate the stellar systems in our galaxy and in others beyond. He also looks at the quest for super-Earths and at the record for known planets to date.

Working with Sir Patrick Moore 1954-2012
At the invitation of Spaceflight, the world’s most famous living space artist, David Hardy, paints a picture for us of his work with the world’s most famous amateur astronomer, Sir Patrick Moore. Across what others would consider a lifetime, both men had an empathy that needed few words to create living visions of space as imagined for those who could only wonder at the heavens and at the vehicles that may one day take mankind to the stars.

The Once and Future Moon
Dwayne Day turns his analytical eye toward the upcoming generation of small lunar probes from both NASA’s Discovery and New Frontiers programmes. Building on a series of manned and unmanned precursors, scientists have much to learn from a generation of equipment far more advanced and providing much more information than earlier probes were able to glean.

Regular Features

Britain in Space – New UK Interstellar Association leads the way

World News Analysis – NASA and ESA to fly astronauts to deep-space

International News – New firsts – Time capsule

In brief – news shorts from around the world

A View from the Hill – NASA signs Bigelow for the ISS – Gloves on or off? – Kay Bailey-Hutchison retires

Satellite Digest – 482 December 2012

ISS Operations Summary – 15 December 2012 to 15 January 2013

Inbox – An unfair subsidy? – An inspiration for interstellar – Human flight in decline? – A young Yuri – New media

Off the Shelf

Society News – BIS lectures on-line - BIS South West Group - New UK Space Agency CEO - Gerry Anderson obituary

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