Spaceflight Vol 55 No 05 – May 2013

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Inspiration Mars
Former trajectory analyst and flight design engineer for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Dennis Tito wants to send two people on a non-stop fly-by of Mars. Spaceflight conducts a critical analysis of the proposal and asks whether the proposed mission, as much about prestige as about the future of deep space exploration, is feasible.

Athena Rebirth?
Dwayne Day resurrects a forgotten rocket and investigates the fate of the Athena rocket, used for launching small to medium size payloads into space. Begun 20 years ago by Lockheed Martin to capture what was then perceived as a growing market for small, niche satellites the Athena rocket may yet be the answer for customers seeking low-cost flights.

Apprentice turned Master - 1
Spaceflight Editor David Baker reflects on the contributions of Jesco von Puttkamer who died recently and revisits a conversation dating back almost 40 years.

The Mighty Atlas Part 10: Variations on a theme
When Atlas was selected as the launch vehicle for Mercury orbital flights the big rocket required substantial modification and added safety features. Joel Powell takes up the story of the Mercury Atlas for John Glenn.

Air-launched lifter
Swiss Space Systems is proposing to develop a reusable lifting body for sending micro-satellites and small payloads into space.

Marshall takes up 3D printing
Pratt & Whitney is using 3D printing to fabricate components for J-2X testing.

Regular Features

Britain in Space – An independent UK launch vehicle? – Smartphone Apps and screams in space

World News Analysis – New partnership for European Mars mission

In brief – news shorts from around the world

A View from the Hill – Cuts to subsidies

Satellite Digest – 484 February 2013

ISS Operations Summary – 16 February to 16 March 2013

Inbox – Transient phenomena – Science to spare? – Gateway stations

Off the Shelf

Society News – UKSEDS celebrate 25th Anniversary – World Space Week 2013 – NASA’s Lunar Roving Vehicle

Diary Notices

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