Spaceflight Vol 55 No 06 – June 2013

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Reflections on ‘The Sky at Night’
Arguably the world’s most famous space modeller and long-serving model-maker for films and television shows, Mat Irvine tells us what it was like working with Patrick Moore on the world’s longest running astronomy programme.

Skylab – NASA’S First Space Station
This month is the 40th anniversary of the most cost-effective space station ever launched. Using redundant Apollo hardware already built, it was America’s first manned orbital facility recovered from near disaster by its first visitors.

Science aboard Skylab
Skylab focused on Earth resources, solar physics and the investigation of materials in space – as well as studying the human reaction to long duration flights. How did it stack up against expectations?

A second Skylab
The attraction of launching a second Skylab played long and hard on managers at NASA, which considered several possible ways it could have contributed to the human space flight programme.

Lunar Transient Phenomena
A member of the Apollo science instruments team at NASA Headquarters, Donald A Beattie describes for Spaceflight how partial obscuration of surface features on the Moon got everyone excited back in the 1960s.

‘Peenemunders’ pass away
Space historian Frank H Winter reports on the recent demise of three great rocket pioneers who went to the United States to help put astronauts on the Moon.

Apprentice turned Master – 2
The Editor concludes a personal reflection on his conversations with Jesco von Puttkamer, who died on 27 December 2012.

A Conversation with Al Worden – 1
In the first of a two part feature, Chris Starr held an engaging and frank conversation with Apollo 15 astronaut Al Worden during his recent visit to the UK.

Regular Features

Britain in Space – New European Satellite Navigation Competition – Every Child a Space Scientist

World News Analysis – Asteroid goal for first manned Orion flight

In brief – news shorts from around the world

US Space Politics – NASA to get flat budget – at most

Satellite Digest – 485 March 2013

ISS Operations Summary – 17 March to 16 April 2013

Inbox – Transient phenomena – Pushing the human boundaries – Staying longer; going farther

Society News – Teaching Old Spacecraft New Tricks – The Great Space Debate: Man versus Machines – ‘Man must Explore!’

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