Spaceflight Vol 56 No 06 – June 2014

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Electro Magnetic Levitator for the ISS
It’s been talked about for years but science is now testing theoretical principles about the processing of various materials and semiconductor crystals at extreme temperatures.

Concordia – Analogue for a Mars mission
Winter has arrived in the southern hemisphere and few places get colder than Antarctica where a group of intrepid researchers are settling in for a simulated Mars mission.

Soviet Guest Cosmonauts
George Spiteri takes a break from reporting on events at the International Space Station to ask of the Interkosmos cosmonauts ‘where are they now?’ and get some fascinating answers.

Copernicus – A boost for global warning
The Editor reports on the new generation of European satellites designed to improve measurements of Earth’s resource budget with a powerful, long lasting and far reaching programme involving new platforms and sensors.

A Human Adventure
Mart Kuiper visited the exhibition of space flight achievement formed from exhibits sent from the US and added to by ESA in a unique opportunity for Dutch visitors to see the accomplishments of a generation of space farers.

The Story of Vanguard TV-3
Joel Powell revisits events more than 56 years ago when America stood on the brink of the Space Age, postponed when a series of failures dashed initial hope of an American satellite in 1957.

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Satellite Digest – 497 March 2014

ISS Operations Summary – 17 March – 15 April 2014

Off the Shelf – Marketing the Moon

Society News – Ken Mattingly visits Pontefract – North Group Gathering

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