Spaceflight Vol 56 No 11 – November 2014

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The Tachyon World
In asking us to consider whether tachyons exist or can be thought to assemble a parallel existence which we can bridge, Robert B Cronkhite is challenging current thinking in physics. We think it is a debate which should be joined.

Low cost space – from imagination to reality
Scott Hatton previews the Reinventing Space conference, hosted this year by the British Interplanetary Society in London, and emphasises the urgent need for a renaissance in space activity.

BIS President Alistair Scott enthuses over the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention and the Society’s presence, where much interest and attention was evident.

Hill climb with a difference!
Spaceflight previews the next major phase in NASA’s Curiosity mission as it gets into the extended phase of operations in the foothills of Mount Sharp.

Floating Free
Looking back 30 years to the first untethered spacewalk, Ken MacTaggart recalls the unique experiences of Shuttle astronaut Bruce McCandless when he tried out the Manned Maneuvering Unit.

Soviet Tracking Ships – and Robert Bartini
Russian specialists Brian Harvey and Bert Vis describe the vagaries of the Soviet floating space tracking facilities and explains how one man wanted something entirely different.

Regular Features

Britain in Space – How does HSF affect your child?

Briefing notes – news shorts from around the world

World News Analysis – NASA awards Commercial Crew contracts – Conflict in Europe – SLS delayed

Satellite Digest – 502 August 2014

ISS Operations Summary – 16 August - 15 September 2014

Flashback – A regular feature looking back 50 years ago this month

Obituary – Donald A Beattie (1929-2014)

Inbox – ‘In the rocket’s red glare’

Off the shelf – Why Mars - History of Rocketry & Astronautics Vol 41

Society News – Life on Mars - BIS West Midlands Talk - Bioethics, at the BIS - A Visit to BIS-Italia Members

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